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Hai Prabhjeet, I know I am taking the liberty of calling you by your first name, but because I like it, it is a rare name and it’s meaning is so appealing. Whatever you do, perform operations – you are just an instrument of Prabhjee – The Almighty. All victories and successes are his. Keep up the good work. My late husband Harshanranjee – Dr. Khalsa used to tell me that when he took the knife in his hand in the O.R He felt very humble and felt that God is using him as his vehicle for the healing of the sick. Dr. Gill – I will never forget the shine, the twinkle – the confidence – in your eyes when I lay down on the table and you said “By the Grace of God, I promise I will make you stand on your feet on the third day.” I trusted you instantly. Take care of yourself. I am sure you must be a good family man. – gentle and caring. i salute to your mom, for raising you up so well. Thanks a million Here is a humble gift of American 100 dollars. You don’t have any dearth of money. Use this at your discretion for the needy and deserving ones in your practice. Or you may keep it for yourself. It is your choice. I will always remember you with gratefulness and your memory will bring a smile on my face. With love and blessing. Yours sincerely.

: Mrs. Avtar Khalsa