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Rotator cuff is a large tendon of a group of four muscles around the shoulder. It has an important task of moving and stabilizing the shoulder joint at the same time. There is a suttle balance between the group of muscles around the shoulder. This balance gets disrupted with a significant tear of even a single muscle among this group of Rotator cuff. If there is tear of this tendon it first starts with arm pain felt more by the end of the day and more during overhead movements. In diabetics it may start as pain around the shoulder followed by frozen shoulder which may mask this condition.

How is a Rotator cuff tear diagnosed?

Rotator cuff tears are diagnosed with good accuracy with the help of MRI. Ultrasound can also be helpful especially in people where a MRI cannot be done.

What is the line of treatment for a diagnosed case of Rotator cuff tear?

Rotator cuff tears are best managed with surgical line of treatment. Arthroscopic technique helps in managing this condition with faster recovery and less scarring of the surrounding structures.

What happens If I do not undergo surgery for the Rotator cuff tear?

If the tear is small to begin with it further progresses to a larger tear with increased pain and later may become irreparable.

How long does it take to recover from the surgery?

The patient is discharged the very next day of the surgery with arm sling. Patient is allowed to walk around and do all the activities except actively lifting the arm which has been operated.

When will I be able to drive my Car?

After about 6 weeks of the date of surgery you undergo intensive physiotherapy for the repaired Tendon to rehabilitate. At about 2 to 3months from the date of surgery you can drive a car after undergoing physiotherapy.


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