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What is a Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is term used for a stiff painful shoulder due to thickened and contracted capsule of the shoulder joint also know in medical terminology as Adhesive capsulitis

How does it occur or Why do I have this condition?

It is a condition more commonly seen in diabetic patients which starts with stage of synovitis later affecting the whole of the capsule with progressive increase in pain and stiffness of the hand.

When do I suspect that I may be suffering from a frozen shoulder?

Pain in around the shoulder especially arm pain with increased intensity of pain at night. Inability to do simple tasks such as unable to reach back pocket or unable to clean your back.

What are DO’ & DON’T when diagnosed to be suffering from Frozen shoulder?

You should avoid self treatment in the early phase of this disease as it is very much receptive to simple treatment in early phase.

You should avoid any kind of manipulation of the shoulder in this early phase as this might lead to increased in pain and stiff which may further progress the disease.

An early visit to a shoulder surgeon should help in making a early correct diagnosis

What is the role of Injection in to the joint?

Early stage Intra-articular injection has a proved role in this disease. This injection does not have any systemic side effects. You may require two injections in a gap of 3-6weeks.

When is surgery required for a Frozen shoulder?

Surgery may be required for cases who do not improve with analgesics and physiotherapy leading to increased stiffness with progressive symptoms.

How is this surgery done ?

This is a keyhole surgery(Arthroscopic Procedure) which helps in release of the thick capsule responsible for stiffness and pain. This only requires a single day stay with physiotherapy started the very next day



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