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Arthroscopy of the shoulder involves use of a key hole incision for the insertion of the telescope in to the shoulder joint, this scope is attached to the camera which is connected to a monitor. Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint can be performed with minimum blood loss and no dissection of soft tissue around the shoulder joint. Surgery done with the help of Arthroscope is least invasive with best cosmetic results. It leads to early recovery and return to work the next week of the surgery.

Arthroscopy of the shoulder for patient with history of dislocation involves repair of the Bankart lesion seen in patients with history of shoulder dislocation. Repair is done using suture anchors with fiber threads which are made of very strong material.


Which patient requires arthroscopy of the shoulder?

Patients with history of more than one shoulder dislocation followed by repeated dislocations may need arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder.

Which patients are not candidates for arthroscopic procedure?

Patients with bone loss either in the humeral head or on the glenoid side may require bony procedure such as Modified Congruent Arc Latarjet Procedure.

How many days do I need to stay in the hospital?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a day care surgery when you get admitted on the same day of surgery and are discharged the next day.

After how many days do I start my all routine activities?

Patients get pain free within 3 days and are allowed to walk about and even go to office with an arm sling in place.

What about my dressing and stitch removal?

  • Patients have water proof dressing and can take shower with few precautions.
  • Stitch are removed any ware between 12 to 14 days after surgery.

How long do I wear my sling?

Patients having under gone Bankart repair regularly wear sling for 4 weeks following which they remove the sling in their home surroundings for few hours without actively lifting there hand.

When do I start Physiotherapy for strengthening and mobilization of the shoulder?

Physiotherapist assisted physiotherapy is started after 6 weeks from the date surgery. This therapy is for about 10 sessions from where on the patient can do this on his own.

When should I start driving my car?

You could drive a car from about 2 months from date of surgery. Motorbike to be used only after 3 months from date of surgery.



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