Dr. Ashish Taneja

In December of 2012, I left California for New Delhi to take care of my aunt who had just broken her hip bone from a fall. She was being treated by the Army hospital at the time, and the advise of the doctor was for her to lay in bed and allow time to heal the joint, strapped in a make shift prosthetic of some sort. She was in serious pain and the doctors had advised against any surgery. The day Dr. Ashish visited, she had a serious case of urinary infection and it is my honest opinion that another day in that condition would have been fatal. We then proceeded to move her under Dr. Ashish’s care, where his team prepared her for the eventual surgery. Within a week, the surgery was performed successfully and she was back home in two weeks. Dr. Ashish led the entire process, helped us manage the hospitalization, managed the stabilization, was in communication with us at all hours of the day and was a bedrock of support. Having resided in the United States for a number of years, I was familiar with the kind of care we get here. To find an equally professional level of care in India came as a pleasant surprise. It would not be an exaggeration to say that with the very timely help from Dr. Ashish, my aunt is still alive, and walking around with a walker, at a ripe old age of 96. She recently flew to Hyderabad to attend the wedding of one of her grand niece, a miracle we are all have come to believe in.

Ravi Singh

Our experience with Dr Ashish Taneja and his team at Fortis Hospital was really great. My mother had an acute arthritis ‘coz of which she found it difficult to manage her daily chores. Even sitting and standing up was a challenge for her but this team appeared as a boon in disguise. Not only they educated us about the entire knee replacement process but also ensured that the patient is made comfortable before the surgery by addressing all the apprehensions. The team lend its entire cooperation and personal attention to ensure speedy recovery. Within a week’s time, my mother was discharged as per committed by team and now she is not only able to manage her basic chores but she is able to walk without an aid. Thanks to this team for their warmthness and support. Would surely like to recommend them strongly for their precise and timely diagnosis and accurate therapy.

Anika Sharma

Very impressive and satisfactory care!
Dr. Ashish Taneja and his team at the Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, treated my mother last summer in 2013. She required immediate orthopedic surgery on both her wrists for multiple fractures. The doctors and the staff were professional, compassionate and very caring with excellent knowledge and technique. The operations were successful and the post-operative follow up has been ongoing and detailed. I will choose this team for all my family’s future medical complications and would highly recommend them to everyone.
With best regards,

Deepti Malhotra, PhD

Dr. Gill

Hai Prabhjeet,

I know I am taking the liberty of calling you by your first name, but because I like it, it is a rare name and it’s meaning is so appealing.

Whatever you do, perform operations – you are just an instrument of Prabhjee – The Almighty. All victories and successes are his.

Keep up the good work.

My late husband Harshanranjee – Dr. Khalsa used to tell me that when he took the knife in his hand in the O.R He felt very humble and felt that God is using him as his vehicle for the healing of the sick.

Dr. Gill – I will never forget the shine, the twinkle – the confidence – in your eyes when I lay down on the table and you said “By the Grace of God, I promise I will make you stand on your feet on the third day.”

I trusted you instantly.

Take care of yourself. I am sure you must be a good family man. – gentle and caring.

i salute to your mom, for raising you up so well.

Thanks a million

Here is a humble gift of American 100 dollars.

You don’t have any dearth of money.

Use this at your discretion for the needy and deserving ones in your practice.

Or you may keep it for yourself. It is your choice.

I will always remember you with gratefulness and your memory will bring a smile on my face.

With love and blessing.

Yours sincerely.

Mrs. Avtar Khalsa

Dear Dr. P S Gill

I’m Captain B.B.S Thakuri, 57 years old, presently staying in Nepal had under gone Hip Joint Replacement surgery 5 months back under your leadership in Fortis Flt.Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

In this I wish to inform you that before Hip Joint Replacement, I was unable to move a single step and become habitual of sleeping on bed. I had no charm for life and virtually dead.

But after joint replacement and medication, I found a new lease of life. Today I can walk , move, can use stairs without any support or pain.

It is the happiest moment in my life and I feel that I am reborn.

Though I am staying in Nepal but I always refer your name with contact number to my friends, relatives who are suffering with such type of pain & left them selves on virtue of god.

Please accept my sincere appreciation and thanks. It is you who has taken all of my pains and sufferings and given a new life.

I will remember you up to the last breath of life. Please convey my thanks to your hospital/ nursing home staff who have extended their long life and god will shower all happiness on them.

Concluding, I thank you from bottom of my heart. I sincerely pray for you and your family happiness.

Your Sincerely

B.B.S. Thakuri

Sat Dev Gupta Age 84y/m

I was not able to do activities of daily lining. My daughter took me to Dr. P K Dave. He advised TKR . I was

seeking second opinion. I met Dr. P S Gill who was not known to me.

I contacted him on 3rd

decision for under going surgery.

On 4th

Nov 2004 I got admitted, I was treated very nicely by team or doctors and staff, in this regards I

had given my appreciation at time of discharge.

Their after also on subsequent visits Dr. P S Gill was very helpful and prove to be a very caring person

later on I developed a very good friendship with Dr. P S Gill .

After 9 years of surgery I have no regret of surgery I feel perfectly alright with no knee issues for which

surgery was done

Best Regards,

Sat Dev Gupta

Dr. Manoj

Dear Dr. Manoj,

Just to let you know that I’ve been back home a little over 2 weeks now. Everyone here is so pleased with the work done by your team. My family and friends are all so happy. I am extremely overjoyed to be able to walk again without any pain. I am healing well and the numbness in the left leg reduces everyday, just the little weird feeling in the buttocks. We are so grateful that your team has put smiles back on our faces. You are simply the best! Keep up the excellent work.


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